Warehousing is a highly integral part of logistics, and better management of it decides the making or breaking of the entire supply chain network. Since warehousing is not just about storing, it involves several other aspects. To be precise, it is highly important to maintain a warehouse according to industrial demands, and here we will be looking at one such case.

Challenges in Chemical Warehousing

Hazard level of chemicals

it is essential to know about the hazard level of chemicals before storing them in the warehouse, a proper evaluation must be carried out on either side i.e., with the chemicals and the warehouse whether they can be related or not.

Know warehouse conditions

A thorough evaluation of the conditions of the warehouse must be carried out to know whether it is fit to handle any kind of chemicals in its storage, and post the basic evaluation precise analysis will be done based on the exact chemicals to be stored.

Check with the storage capacity

It is highly essential to check the storage capacity of the warehouse, especially in terms of storing chemicals in it. Excessive storage of chemicals might lead to any kind of hazardous problem and causes severe damage to even human resources.

Ensure proper handling

Warehouse workers and other employees must be provided with proper training in terms of handling the chemicals. They must possess a thorough knowledge of the chemicals they handle which gives them the responsibility to store them with care.

Precise emergency plan

The emergency exit plan is highly mandatory for the chemical warehouse to avoid any life loss if there is an occurrence of an accident. This is not just about having an exit way but also framing a strategy to not make it huge if it has happened.

Safety Checklist for Chemical Warehousing

  • Can maintain signage boards to avoid the entry of flammable materials.
  • Newly recruited staff must have complete knowledge of the warehouse.
  • Any kind of visitor must be educated about the Dos and Don’ts.
  • Maintain an updated file that holds the complete record of all the chemicals.
  • Make sure that containers are properly earthed before the chemicals get transferred.
  • Strictly don’t keep any chemicals outside the warehouse.
  • Rinsed vessels and left-over barrels must be closed tight.
  • The spill control kit must be in proper condition.
  • The electrical system must be in good condition in the entire warehouse.
  • Fire extinguishers must be placed in accessible areas.
  • Maintain the condition of the fire hydrant system at its best 24*7.
  • Ensure the hydrant hose is in good condition and at an accessible distance at the time of emergencies.
  • Continuously monitor the water level in the hydrant tank for emergencies.
  • Check the leakage problem of barrels in the warehouse during holidays and fix them if any.
  • Manage to let tank lorries better by advanced planning.
  • Keep the open-top carboys filled with water ready during the Diwali season.
  • If the warehouse is located close to the residential area, then more preventive measures to avoid accidents must be followed.
  • Keep updating the emergency contact numbers both inside and outside the warehouse.
  • One can increase the strength of the warehouse if required during high operability time.
  • Make sure to connect the earthing with proper earth fits.
  • Revise and build better safety strategies more flexibly according to time.


Safety measures are highly important for chemical warehousing and we being the lead player in the logistics industry can deliver a safe and secured solution to store your chemicals.